Thai Lottery Result & Sure Tips

Lottery tickets are sold “in pairs”, and cost B80 per pair. The expense is set by law, so please report any dealers charging more than this by calling us at 02-3451466 or contacting us through our site protesting structure by methods for our site


We print tickets for a million numbers for each lottery. Most events we print five “sets” of each number, any way to a great extent we print six “sets” to grow the chance of winning more prominent prizes.

The inspiration driving why tickets are sold in pairs is so the champ can “disengage” one segment of the pair and offer it as a prize with another person.

First prize is B3 million for each ticket stub, along these lines with one “pair” you will win B6 million. The more “sets” you buy, the more noticeable the prize you will win. The comparable applies for all prizes to be won.  go here

There are disconnected draws for other huge prizes, as seeks after:

Second prize – B100,000 (5 prizes available) – Matching six digits in the resulting prize draw.

Third prize – B40,000 (10 prizes available) – Matching six digits in the third prize draw.

Fourth prize – B20,000 (50 prizes available) – Matching six digits the fourth prize draw

Fifth prize – B10,000 (100 prizes available) – Matching six digits in the fifth prize draw.

There are moreover the remarkable prizes, as seeks after:

The ticket number over the triumphant first-prize number – B50,000.

The ticket number underneath the triumphant first-prize number – B50,000.

There are moreover smaller prizes as seeks after:

Introductory three digits – B2,000 (two prizes available).

Last three digits – B2,000 (two prizes available).

Last two digits – B1,000 (one winning pair).

There used to be “huge stake” prizes, in like manner called “First Prize Bonus” prizes of B30 million and B22 million, anyway these prizes are rarely again promoted.

The best technique to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE

Any prizes of B20,000 or less can be ensured in genuine cash from the dealer who sold you the triumphant ticket. Any prizes over B20,000 must be ensured eye to eye at the GLO head office at 359 Nonthaburi Rd, Tambon Tha Sai, Muang District, Nonthaburi, where you will get a check for your prizes. This is incomprehensible in Phuket, as there is no GLO office there.

Our office is open from 8:30 am to 3 pm (open during lunch), Monday through Friday (shut on open events).

To ensure your prize, balance a case structure, balance the nuances on the back of the triumphant tickets and take a line number. At whatever point called, you should show the triumphant ticket/s and your Thai ID card or visa (for untouchables).

If its all the same to you note that all champs are at risk to pay 0.5% stamp commitment on government lottery prizes and 1% stamp commitment on charitable lottery rewards.

The stamp commitment is payable on all prizes, including for prizes of B20,000 or less paid in genuine cash by traders, who are required to accumulate – and pay – the stamp commitment for the wellbeing of the victors.

For full nuances on the most ideal approach to ensure your prize call the Department of Prize Payment at 02-5289621 or visit In case you win an imperative prize, it is decidedly recommended that you report your triumphant passes to the nearest police base camp at the most punctual chance to keep any hoodlums from untrustworthily ensuring your prize.

10-Is Thai Lottery a Scam and Can You Play It Online?

The plausibility of Thai Lottery 3up tips result restores a very long way towards old events. People of Thailand are uncommonly enchanted with being a player themselves. The lottery is focused on very in Thailand as it is the principal kind of wagering allowed here in Thailand. The system is inside and out various diverged from the western world. Thusly, here is the way by which it goes.

To begin with, I should talk about the image of what a Thai lottery takes after.

National lottery

As ought to be self-evident, there is only a solitary kind of lottery open, which is the primary one. Various ones are later, as I will talk about them fairly later on. This sort of lottery has been used in Thailand for a long time. It is still paper-based material while various countries have developed an electronic system to deal with the lottery tickets. In Thailand, you’ll have to get lottery tickets from pros, which get these tickets from retailers. Generally, lottery tickets are drawn multiple times each month, which are the primary day of the month (the first) and the sixteenth. Each ticket costs 80 baht. This is the standard expense. Each ticket has 2 areas, the top and the base part.


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